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Creativity cant blossom in a tired, frustrated or fearful environment. As ARTISTS who tattoo the face, we have a responsibility to manage our energy, space and focus, so that we can deliver the best work possible. 

If we are in a work environment that lends itself to a lack of boundaries, integrity or alignment, we run the risk of losing our clients, our business and our mental health. 

I take the Cosmetic Tattoo industry seriously and I support and guide women, who want to create a work environment with a solid business foundation that allows for flow, peace and growth, as well as an endless amount of exceptional work. 

By building a solid business structure, I help to create leaders who can manage their client's expectations, level up, build a recognised brand and stand out amongst the competition. 

If structure is something you believe you need in your business to:

  • Create Impact

  • Build Credibility

  • Feel Protected and Empowered

  • Manage your Client's Expectations

  • Own Leadership 

  • and Feel Embodied in your Work and Life

I would love to talk to you.

Please feel free to leave your details below, so that I can get "under the hood" of your business and assist you with some next steps.

Have a Brow-di-ful Day,

Clare Martin.

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