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HELLO BROW BOSSES!! Thanks for entering our amazing competition!




We would love your feedback on the following questions, leading up to APMAC! Please note that ALL answers will be kept confidential!


By answering these questions and following the directions below, you will be entered into the draw to win 50% off of an entry ticket to APMAC which includes free entry to the Cocktail Party!

Do you currently have any processes or “systems” in your business? (By systems we mean a foundation or “flow” to all of your processes in your business)
Do you use a Booking/Appointments program?
Would you invest in a Business and Mindset Coach, if there was a significant return on investment?
On a scale of 1 to 5 (5 being very important) how important is it for you to have a Systemised Business?

To complete your entry you must also FOLLOW me at:

Clare Martin Business Academy on Facebook and CMBIZACADEMY on Instagram.


The winner will be announced on our pages the week of the 8th July.


Thanks Arch Lovers! We hope to see you soon!


Have a brow-di-ful day!


Clare Martin!

Thanks for submitting and GOOD LUCK!

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