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I'm growing more concerned that when enquiring about Cosmetic Tattoo I am asked "what are your prices and when is your next available time"... PLEASE DON'T GET ME WRONG, I am happy to receive these enquiries BUT I'm DEEPLY concerned that I'm never asked a lot more about my treatments, WHAT happens when someone books with me and WHAT can I offer them for the VALUE of my treatments. Often clients don't know WHAT TO LOOK FOR in a Technician. This is simply because they don't know what to ask.....and this impacts their chances of making an EDUCATED CHOICE.

Unfortunately we tend to base our decisions on the PRICE or availability of a technician, without really understanding that this is a highly technical career, that takes extreme skill and care. So I have complied a list of BASIC questions that you may want to ask your next technician, so that you can be sure you are in the right hands. These are the questions that I would want to know, if I were looking for an artist and so I thought I would share them for those who are looking at doing this procedure in the near future. Happy reading!


- Is the technician a prior or present Skin or Beauty Therapist - they have a far greater understanding of the skin, how to assess it, understanding contraindications and giving you information on what to do with your skin to prepare and care for your tattoo. Be aware that ANYONE CAN study a 2 day course in Cosmetic Tattoo and treat you! Do your homework on your therapist. Ask what experience they have under their belt.

- Are they established? How long have they been operating, are they working from a well known clinic and established place of business with a good reputation? A clinic with a great reputation will not want a poor Cosmetic Tattoo Technician working with them. Also note that most popular technicians will have a WAIT LIST.... this should NOT PUT YOU OFF AT ALL!!! This should show you that this is a well known and well respected artist. Don't be scared to WAIT!! If someone can see you next week, at a time that suits YOU, be a little more aware that they MAY be new to the industry or they may not be very experienced. This is fine, if you are AWARE, but be sure that you know what to expect!

- Have you found your technician on Groupon?? The question you need to ask yourself here is WHY is the artist discounting their service? Generally it will be because they are quiet, just starting out or looking to practice. Experienced technicians will not discount their services by large amounts. They may run promotions but they will not work for a fee that doesn't offer them a return on their skill, training and years of experience. Again, just be mindful of this aspect.

- How much training have they done and WHEN was their last Masterclass? All serious technicians will take regular training courses because they are PASSIONATE, they CARE and they MUST keep up to date with the latest techniques and changes in the industry.

- Have you looked CLOSELY at their work? Do they show good quality work on ALL skin colours and types.... blonde, redheads, mature skin, young skin. Can they showcase a range of work. Cosmetic Tattoo is much harder to perform on mature oily skin for example, so if they only showcase young models with perfect skin, you may need to look into if they are the right technician for you and your skin. Do their hairstrokes FLOW in the natural direction of the hair, is the colour good, are they showing HEALED AND FRESH TATTOO RESULTS. Do their photos look similar in their format? A lot of inexperienced artists are stealing images from others, so be aware!

- Do they ONLY do FASHION TATTOO! Fashion Cosmetic Tattoo is where bold, elaborate and glamorous brows are only performed. Will this suit you in 5, 10 or 15 years time? Do they tattoo naturally beautiful brows that simply define shape and do they consider the clients long term commitments?

- Are they insured and registered with the local council for performing Cosmetic Tattoo. If they are set up at home, this may need careful investigation!!

- Have they taken a Blood Borne Pathogens and Hygiene Course? This is paramount, this is all about Health and Safety for you, the client.

- Do they use QUALITY pigments and DISPOSABLE equipment? Remember Cosmetic Tattoo is a Skin Penetration Treatment and needs to be treated with respect

- Do they make TIME FOR you? Can you speak with them if needed? Do they perform a comprehensive consultation before they begin? Will they pre-draw your design, measure and map out your brows in pencil and explain the WHY behind your design? Will they tidy any of your hair (it should never be completely removed), what colour will they use and why, have they shown you EVERYTHING YOU need to know about your design?

- Will they provide you with PRE-TREATMENT pointers, so you know how to ensure you are skin ready for Cosmetic Tattoo. This includes skin products to avoid, supplements to avoid, medications or health concerns that may contraindicate a treatment, injectables and how to time them with your appointment.

- Will they provide Aftercare and take home instructions for you, so that you can acheive the best results possible at home?

These are just a FEW key questions to ask your technician before proceeding with the treatment so you can be sure you are making the right decision.

I hope this will help some ladies, feel free to take these questions to use when you next enquire about your Cosmetic Tattoo treatment and dont be affraid to ASK have the RIGHT to know the answers to the above questions before you book your appointment ❤

REMEMBER! NOT EVERYONE can draw like an artist, NOT EVERYONE has trained in SKIN, NOT EVERYONE invests in their future with up to date training, NOT EVERYONE puts TIME aside for their clients, NOT EVERYONE CARES ABOUT HOW BADLY THIS CAN TURN OUT OF IT IS DONE WRONGLY!.

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