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Clare Martin Business Academy

THIS IS EXACTLY why I have decided to become a BUSINESS Coach in the Cosmetic Tattoo Industry!

🤔Why get a Coach?🤔

This short video really sums it up for me and I hope you take 2 mins to listen to it to!

I've ALWAYS invested in an INDUSTRY SPECIFIC Coach....I have NEVER been without one!

and when I say INVESTED .... I've meant it!

A Coach that is "in my lane" and "understands my needs and requirements" has been INVALUABLE to me throughout my 17 year career in self employment.

Because the fact is - if you want to be the best - YOU CAN NEVER be complacent!

Having a coach has:

🏆Projected me forward, faster than I could have anticipated 🏆Helped me LEVEL UP and stand out amongst competition 🏆Improved my learning more efficiently 🏆Opened my eyes to what I COULD NOT see (or didn't want to see) 🏆Given me knowledge I could have NEVER attained alone 🏆Given me support and encouragement when I have doubted myself 🏆Helped me to get a return on my investment quicker

and more than anything.....

Has provided me with:


And this is EXACTLY why I have decided to help fellow Cosmetic Tattoo Artists! I am so so passionate about this and those who know me in Australia will all contest to it.... I LOVE to help people in business.

I want to give you all, what I have had......AND SOME!

I want you to know.... IVE BEEN THERE.... Ive had hard times, Ive felt like quitting, Ive worked HARDER than ever before and in my 20 years. I have learned so much, and I want to share it with you all! I want to build this industry UP and help you to stand out.

I want to make PMU a better industry to be in!

I am here for support, help, encouragement and to help lift the emotional weight of your business OFF of your shoulders by helping you to build a SOLID BUSINESS foundation.

These are proven and valuable strategies and systems to save you time,stress, money, doubt, fear ...the list is endless!

Please feel free to reach out and DM me, if you would like to talk to me about the BUSINESS side of your PMU future and I would LOVE to help you!

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